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How has Chime managed to pull the rug out from under European entrants ?

In this deck C-Innovation explores how Chime has consolidated it self as the fastest growing challenger bank in the U.S. now worth $14.5 billion.

Revolut and Monzo 2020.png

Monzo vs Revolut

A different path to Retail Banking. what we have learned?

Both challengers launched in 2015.
In this deck C-Innovation explore how two of the fastest growing start-ups approached the market and they current positioning for the future ahead !

Innovation and Disruption In the Financi

Innovation and Disruption in the Finance Landscape

A look inside both FinTech and incumbent’s successful business models, latest developments and the strategies behind that made 2018 such a big year for FinTech.

Paso de cebra

Global FinTech Adoption Index 2019

FinTech adoption among consumers has nearly doubled over the past 18 months, according to the latest EY Global FinTech Adoption Index, and the adoption rate is growing faster than anticipated.

medios de comunicación social digital

NeoBanks A Global Deep Dive

MEDICI's new report on neobanking takes a deep-dive into this fascinating and rapidly-growing segment, offering a comprehensive analysis of the subject from various angles.

Tech reloj

Where is big tech attacking financial services?

In this report, CB Insights take a closer look at what big tech companies are doing in financial services today, where they could go next, and how incumbents can respond effectively.

Revolut Business Model

New Fintech unicorns 2018

Where banks are today?

FinTech acceleration of change

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